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Upcoming Try-Outs for Competitive Teams

Summer 2022 try-outs

Upcoming Tryouts:

U9-U11 (2013-2011) for Summer 2022

  • Sunday, Oct. 17 between 12-7:30pm

Are you U12-U19 and missed try-outs?

Email to find out competitive opportunities available.


For U9-U11 Players (2011-2014)

For our U9-U11 players, CC United holds separate try-outs for the Fall 2021 and Summer 2022 seasons.

  • July 19 and 20 try-outs form teams for the Fall 2021 season
  • mid-October try-outs form teams for the Summer 2022 season

Click HERE for the Summer 2022 Try-Out schedule.


2021-2022 Birth Year Guidelines

Age Group Birth Year
U09 birth year 2013 and 2014
U10 birth year 2012
U11 birth year 2011
U12 birth year 2010
U13 birth year 2009
U14 birth year 2008
U15 birth year 2007
U16 birth year 2006
U17 birth year 2005
U18 birth year 2004
U19 birth year 2003

Try-out Schedules