The mission of CC United Soccer Club is to foster, promote, and perpetuate the game of soccer for youth in the communities of Carver, Chanhassen, Chaska, Victoria and surrounding communities.

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General Information

Welcome to the CC United Referee page! We are thrilled you are interested in the program. Please take a look at the tabs on the left side to get acquainted with our program and current happenings.

All referees will need to be state certified (youth are grade 8, adults are grade 7). Grade 8 is split up into four levels to help make sure the referees are assigned to games/ages they will be capable of reffing.  

We have several programs to help you become a successful referee. Our training program includes sessions which explanation a specific topic, then the referees can apply their knowledge in a scrimmage setting. Our mentor program provides referee mentors who will observe our referees during their games to help them progress to the next level. 

CC United's program goal is to have confident referees that are able to make the right calls and are professional in their attitude and appearance, so the players and fans can enjoy the games.


2018 Referee Meeting Presentation


Referee Expectations and Policies


Being a referee is a wonderful job that provides unique scheduling flexibility, great pay, and a chance to enjoy the outdoors while building your soccer skills and understanding of this great game. Referee experience looks wonderful on a resume, and you may have an opportunity to earn a letter of recommendation for your future endeavors. However, as with any job, there are responsibilities that go with the perks, and we must ensure we hold the highest expectations for all our referees so everyone can succeed.

Game Assignment Responsibilities

When you accept a game assignment in, you are agreeing to cover this position on a given date and time. We understand that your schedule can change and you no longer may be able to cover your assignment.

Should you need to decline the position AFTER you have accepted it, you MUST work with the Referee Assignor to get this shift covered. A replacement must be secured before you can be removed from the game.

No-Show Policy

If you do not show up to your game assignment and have not notified the Referee Assignor within a reasonable timeframe prior to your absence, you will be charged half your game fee for that game. For example, if you were assigned to AR a U12 game and you didn't show up, you will have $10 deducted from your paycheck through GOPay.

·       First offense: You will be placed on game probation; game assignments will be denied for two weeks.

·       Second offense: You will not officiate with the club for the remainder of the season.

How to Contact Referees - Follow instructions to contact or find a replacement referee.

Sick Policy

If you are sick and cannot make your game assignment, you MUST notify the Referee Assignor as soon as you are sick and make attempts to get your position covered. If you do not notify the Referee Assignor within a reasonable timeframe, it will be considered a 'no-show’.

MYSA Weather Policy Reminder

Each year, people die as a result of being struck by lightning. Of all lightning deaths taking place at a youth sporting event, soccer ranks as the highest risk with 41% of all incidents per year since 2006. The MYSA Weather Policy was put into effect to help reduce the chances of an athlete, coach, referee or spectator falling under this statistic.

While the sky may seem clear, this does not mean that the electrical storm has passed. Please help us ensure that everyone is off the field and in their cars for the mandatory 30-minute waiting period. Do not return to the field until given the "all-clear" signal by the on-field officials.

Please do not pressure referee crews, especially young crews to deviate from this policy.  For further information, please refer to the MYSA weather policy at


Who’s Who in the CC United Referee Program


Referee Assignor


            Schedules games and assigns referees

            Schedules and pays referees through gameofficials and GOPay

            Facilitates communication between MYSA, MNSRC, and CC United

            Answers emails/phone call inquiries and support


Mentor Program Lead - 

            Hire and manage referee mentors

            Run referee trainings/clinics

Observes referees at game and helps improve their techniques

            Places referees to level according to their training and experience


Mentors - and

Run referee trainings/clinics

          Observes referees at game and help improve their technique

Places referees to level according to their training and experience


Outside the Club


Minnesota State Referee Committee

State Referee Certification


Frequently Asked Questions


How old to I have to be a referee?

For CC United, you must be 12 years old.

Do I need to attend all sessions?

No, it is highly recommended to help you become successful as a referee.

If I miss a session can I still attend the future ones?

Yes they are different topics not sequential.

Do I only attend the sessions for my level?

No you can attend any of them, but the topics will be geared towards the level specified.

I passed the certification; it says I am a grade 8.  How is this different than my level?

The grade is from the state referee organization. You need to be certified before you can ref any games in MN. The levels are for CCU only.  The levels are designed to let you and the assignor know what games you are qualified to ref. See the Referee Training page for explanation of games you qualify for a t each level.

How do I know what level I am at?

New referees are level 1. Returning referees are at the level from last year. Go to CC United website - my team, choose referee pool, and choose the levels to find your name

What if the level listed isn't what I was at last year?

Contact  , he will talk with you to make sure you are at the correct level.

I am a level 3 but don't like to center do I have to be a center?

No you do not. Let Daneen Goncalves know you are interested in AR only. The mentors may encourage you to center lower level games to help increase your confidence.

What do the mentors do?

They will observer your games to help you improve. It is not a test, you will not fail. Our goal is to make you confident in reffing games and address any issues at the pitch.

What happens if parents or coaches are abusive?

If you are level 1,2 your games will be lower level, so the parents and coaches are not going to be out of line.  If they are, notify Jonathan Tudor or Brian Koehler or Daneen Goncalves.  We will address the person ASAP.  If the mentor is onsite, they will address the person on the spot.  You will not have to worry about confrontation.